7 Crucial Tools for Content Marketing Mastery What Every Marketer Needs

The digital marketing niche is growing more and more in the coming years. In 2020, it was estimated at a whopping $350 billion. Yet, in just under six years, the marketing sphere is predicted to grow by over $750 billion.

As the industry upgrades and expands, the tools used by the experts change, too. There’s such an array of them online – how do you know which one to purchase? In case you don’t want to waste your time and funds, stick to this guide for top software every marketer needs.

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

As a marketing specialist, one main task you have to do is learn how the customers engage with your content. Did the client read and respond to the email sent to them? Have they clicked on the video? Did the customer book the course you posted on the website? All of these and more experiences can be easily tracked by the CRM – or customer relationship management – software.

Depending on your company, the customer base can be bigger or smaller, but noting everything down manually is always a pain. So, stop filling in that spreadsheet with a list of information and let the software do it for you.

2. Virtual Private Network (VPN)


VPNs can serve quite a few purposes for marketers. First and foremost, they will protect any data, be it the company’s sensitive information or personal data stored on the computer. Cybersecurity should be your top priority when you browse the net via a public or private Wi-Fi network. Not only will a VPN encrypt all the info, but it will also redirect all potential threats as it hides the original IP address.

Secondly, Virtual Private Network software can broaden the boundaries for marketers. They can set a different geographic location to study various regional trends, bypassing geo-blocking restrictions. So, in case the expert works with an international brand, they can tweak the content to match perfectly.

3. Social Media Management

Similar to CRM, social media management software is a helpful tool for any marketer. SMM tools will make most of the processes completely automatic, relieving you of the burden of manually managing your social media campaigns. It truly does everything an expert needs, including:

  • Posting to different social media platforms;
  • Analyzing social media reach;
  • Planning and scheduling content;
  • Finding posts and mentions and replying to them;
  • Creating and storing social media posts;
  • Archiving already existing content.

4. Email Marketing

There are 4 billion daily email users, but it still stands as one of the most engaging ways to market your business. Just like social media, emails help strengthen customer relationships, track customer journeys, and encourage potential customers to try your services.

But how does one create a stable email campaign and send it to the right audience? Well, email marketing tools will help you. They can automate the emails, dedicating them to the relevant customer base. Moreover, these tools will send the content at the right time, making sure that you don’t miss the perfect moment for an incredible business proposal.

5. Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Although software for general communication is on the list of marketing basics, it’s still important to mention its usefulness. That includes video conferencing software, which marketers can use in various ways:

  • Hosting meetings with clients;
  • Conveniently talking to your team;
  • Interviewing potential team members;
  • Collaborating with businesses.

The right video conferencing software will let you tweak its settings and use it on all the devices you have.

6. Password Management

Regardless if you work in a team or alone, password managers can make your work more convenient. Every time you log into the corporate accounts, you need to remember the passcodes to each one. At the same time, you can’t set shortcodes like “password” or “0000”, as this will be too easy to hack through.

To save the integrity of your marketing campaigns and accounts, let the password manager regulate all the codes you and other team members use. The software will always generate a reliable, long password and safeguard it from malicious third parties. To access the tool, all you need is a master password, which can be granted to the whole marketing team.

7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a part of the marketer’s daily toolkit. It doesn’t just help you bump your business to the top of the browser search but also lets any marketer explore the competitors’ approaches. Whenever you struggle to develop engaging topics, this tool will autogenerate them for you.

SEO software is also helpful for monthly audits, as it will analyze how your website ranked during the last months. Additionally, any expert can use SEO software to create a powerful website and build any helpful backlinks.


You can put so many software tools under your belt as a marketer. From a VPN and SEO to email marketing and social media management, these automatic assistants will make your job more convenient, letting you focus on the things you love to do.