Fonts With Built-In QR Codes: Pros And Cons


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Fonts with built-in QR codes might not be a pairing you thought possible. But QR code styles can be very useful, especially if you want your words to stand out.

However, bear in mind that there are some dark clouds. You should be aware of the issues that arise when attempting to employ QR-coded typefaces in documents before you begin doing so. All of which will be made apparent throughout this article. Let’s dive in!

What Are Fonts with Built-In QR Codes?

If a font has QR codes built in, it’s also called a QR code font. Each character or symbol in a QR code font is linked to a unique, randomly produced QR code, like the ones on MyQRCode. Using QR code fonts, you can add digital information directly to your texts. This way, anyone who sees the text can access more online content by scanning it with a smartphone or app that can read QR codes.

Pros of Fonts with Built-In QR Codes

  • New Levels of Interaction: To the human eye, fonts with built-in QR codes are impossible to decipher. But to a smartphone camera, the text is easily readable. Viewers have to interact with your ads and material with smartphones just in order to read it.
  • Space Efficiency: They save space on physical media by embedding URLs or other data within the text itself, removing the need for additional QR codes on the page.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Brands can edit and personalize a QR code to match their own stylistic preferences, which can make a nice change compared to the standard text we’ve grown used to.
  • Impactful Marketing: Fonts with built-in QR codes can help your marketing materials stand out from the crowd. Especially as viewers and passersby have to actively engage with your materials to decipher them.
  • Easy to Implement: Whether you’re using font QR codes for URLs, social media, vCards, etc., they’re surprisingly cost-effective and can be embedded in marketing materials without much hassle.

Cons of Fonts with Built-In QR Codes

  • Readability Issues: Unfortunately, readability issues are one of the major hurdles of using built-in QR code fonts. Generally, it’s going to be difficult for human audiences to understand what’s being said in a text unless the font is inordinately large.
  • Scanning Difficulties: QR code fonts can be difficult for smartphones and compatible apps to scan. That’s because scanners need space to read QR codes properly.
  • Limited Information Capacity: Standard QR codes have large information capacities. It’s basically why they’re so popular. But, by using QR codes as text, that storage space is severely limited. That means they won’t be suitable for larger information transmissions or complex data retrieval.
  • Dependency on Technology: QR codes require a constant internet connection, and it’s the exact same with QR code fonts. That makes the implementation of QR code fonts in remote areas with sparse internet connectivity unsuitable.

Technical Aspects of QR Code Fonts

Design and Creation: QR code fonts must be carefully designed to ensure that each character or symbol encodes information effectively while remaining legible and scannable. The design process often involves using specialized software to convert data (such as URLs, text, or numbers) into QR codes that are then integrated into the font.

Scannability: This is the largest hurdle. We’ve already discussed the issues of scannability, and unfortunately, it’s a fine line between aesthetics and functionality you’ll need to balance. Big, ugly QR code typefaces, for example, will be simpler to scan than smaller, more aesthetically acceptable ones.

Verification: It is important that QR code fonts are compatible with a wide range of scanning devices and apps. Generally, this shouldn’t be too difficult to handle, however. You’ll just need to test your QR code fonts on different devices and ensure that each is compatible.

Popular Types of QR Code Fonts

‘Popular’ might be a strong word to use here, as QR code font use isn’t widespread. But there are still a lot of examples you may use in your marketing materials and texts:

First, there are the standard QR code fonts, which are simple fonts that substitute square QR codes for each character.  This font is often the most common example, especially as they’re widely compatible with QR code scanners.

Artistic QR Code Fonts: To elevate the aesthetics of QR codes without sacrificing their utility, some designers incorporate artistic motifs or other design characteristics into the fonts.

Thirdly, branded QR code fonts are made to incorporate logos, icons, or other branding aspects into the QR codes for particular applications or businesses. Ideal for marketers seeking a fresh approach.

Mini QR Code Fonts: These fonts utilize tiny QR codes that can fit into tighter locations without sacrificing scannability; they contain less data, making them ideal for applications where space is restricted.

Which Places Are Apt for QR Codes?

Where Can You Use QR Code Fonts?

Advertising and Marketing

Embed links directly in marketing materials like flyers and posters to promote interaction and engagement from your customers.

Event Management

Use QR code fonts on tickets and programs to link attendees to schedules, maps, or speaker information, ensuring attendees get the best event experience possible.

Educational Tools

If you’re looking to shake up educational processes and do things differently, use QR code fonts to link to separate learning experiences and resources.


Apply on product packaging to provide quick access to detailed product information, customer reviews, or loyalty programs.

Corporate Communications

Feature on business cards and internal documents to link directly to professional profiles, corporate websites, or internal resources.

Interactive Print Media

Use in magazines and newspapers to connect readers to extended content or interactive media.

Art and Exhibitions

Include in art catalogs or at exhibitions to provide background information or audio descriptions. As art exhibitions are all about innovation, they’re the perfect location to include QR code fonts.

Final Thought

Fonts with built-in QR codes might sound like a strange concept, and that’s because it is. But font QR codes can help your marketing materials stand out from competitors. Especially as it’s an angle that hasn’t been widely adopted by many marketers yet.