6 Best Free SEO Tools to Use in 2024

The one thing that helps you reach a wider audience and stay competitive online is SEO. It seems to be a small word, but actually, it is full of extensive tasks enabling your website to reach the first pages of search engine results. 

These practices include keyword research, content creation, competitor analysis, technical error maintenance, and many more. Today, a lot of advanced and efficient tools are available to perform each task without manual inspection and assessment.

However, the fact is that most of the popular tools require a paid monthly subscription, which might be feasible for bigger companies but not for beginners. But there are also many powerful tools that let you freely perform the same SEO tasks with the same accuracy as the paid tools do. For your convenience, here are some useful SEO tools that don’t charge you a single penny.

Best SEO Tools to Use

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free keyword research tool that lets you find the most result-driven keywords for organic and paid search engine marketing. Google Keyword Planner is accessible on all browsers and devices. This tool is specially developed to find new keywords for paid campaigns.

As you complete its setup, it asks you to insert the various keywords and search terms closely related to your niche. Once you press the “Get Results” button, it instantly generates a wide list of the most relevant keywords along with monthly search volume and difficulty level. Moreover, you can also filter the keywords based on volume and difficulty.

Answer The Public

If you have to struggle to identify what the audience searches relevant to specific keywords, Answer The Public solves this problem for you. You only have to provide it with a search phrase or keyword, it will automatically generate a graphical wheel containing the most searched questions.

It segregates the generated results into highly searched, average searched, and lowest searched queries. So, it becomes easy for you to decide whether to write on this topic or not. Along with questions, it also generates general topics using different comparison and preposition modifiers such as with, can, to, for, versus, like, or, and, etc.


The third free SEO gem on our list is SmallSEOTools. It is a widely trusted web utility that offers a great plagiarism checker to let you avoid search engine penalties. Unlike other SEO Checker tools, this plagiarism checking tool performs an in-depth content analysis and inspects each phrase and sentence for duplicates.

Its advanced AI algorithms and a billions-page database enable it to detect even minor traces of plagiarism accurately. Most importantly, it doesn’t reserve your data for any misuse, making it 100% secure.

After scanning, it generates a comprehensive report highlighting duplicate and original content in different colors.


As the name indicates, Rephrase.Info is a highly efficient paraphrasing tool that helps you eliminate duplicates from content and make it engaging.

It incorporates updated AI text-processing technology to deeply scan the content and identify the areas where improvement is needed.

Its up-to-date lexical resources and extensive grip on the lingual rules enable it to reshape existing content in such a way that it seems to be freshly produced.

It provides five different writing modes to set a particular writing tone. Moreover, its multilingual support and navigable interface allow worldwide users to rephrase content seamlessly.

Screaming frog

Screaming frog is a technical crawler that performs an in-depth assessment of your website and provides highly useful insights. Whether your website consists of 50 pages or 1500 pages, it accurately conducts a fast and safe audit and sorts out various SEO concerns.

Out of all the web pages, it smartly detects all the broken links, page errors, and redirects. To enhance the website’s on-page SEO, it inspects all the metal titles and descriptions and pinpoints the duplicate, short, and long ones. Moreover, you can also generate the latest XML site map using this tool.


SEOquake is also a valuable tool that lets you know a website’s essential search engine metrics. It is particularly used for competitor analysis. It makes it feasible for you to effortlessly obtain key analytics of competitors’ websites to know where they rank against specific keywords. 

The best part is that this tool is available as a browser add-on that is compatible with popular web browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.

Once you integrate it with your browser, you can retrieve website metrics in just a single click. Furthermore, it doesn’t provide you with random numbers. Rather, its results are directly extracted from SERPs.

Bottom Line

Whether you are a digital marketer or a blogger, you better know the importance of search engine optimization in boosting your online presence. SEO includes many processes to tailor a website for higher search rankings.

To complete all those processes, you have to use different digital tools that make your work smarter rather than harder. For this purpose, you don’t need to buy subscriptions to high-cost tools. Nowadays, many free and productive SEO tools are available.

Therefore, we have listed above the most functional and up-to-date tools that don’t require any payment details. We hope these tools will benefit you in improving your website’s SEO.