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Do you have a knack for designing and writing? Web Designer Hub is the perfect blog place for creative writers to write for us and express their knowledge and share their resources with the whole community through their blogs and articles.

We aim to build a central hub that can be useful for all the web designers, web developers, digital marketers, SEO experts and all creative professionals in the world to get useful tips, resources, and other information related to the domain. Whether you are a master of the art or beginning to learn things, Web Designer Hub will be your go-to option for leveling up your skills to achieve expertise in the domain.

Passionate about write for Web Design or Web Development?

Web Designer Hub is a one-stop web design blog for all designers to get useful information about different tools, platforms, and software. Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, UI/UX, and Illustrations are some of the domains present on the platform. On top of this, you can get ample resources for these designing domains to add to your arsenal for several projects easily.

Getting the right tool for the project can save a lot of your time and reduce the hassle. You can complete the project without any complex process and sway the clients with your mesmerizing web designs. So, we are always looking for talented writers who can express their knowledge and skills in words and share them with the whole community.

Whether you are looking for templates for your website, beautiful fonts, presentations, or mockups, you will find something useful on our platform. Moreover, you will get WordPress themes for different niches under a single roof. The best thing is that we offer both free and premium tools and resources. So, even if you are working with a tight budget, you can opt for the free resources to amp up your projects without adding stress to your pockets.

Besides all this, you will get informative tips to use the tools properly and remote job updates in different designing domains. So, this is an excellent opportunity for you to express your views and present them to a wide community of readers.

Our Topics of Interest

Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Graphic Design etc. are some of the sectors in which we deal. When it comes to the design domain, we are open to several topics.

Here are some sections of the domain that you can research and write for us informative articles and blogs.

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • iOS and Android Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Software Development
  • Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )
  • Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Social Media
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • UI/UX Design
  • Graphic Design
  • illustration
  • Fonts
  • Mockups
  • Templates
  • Presentations
  • Much more…

If you have something to share with our community that fits into these categories, then you can submit your post to our team and contact us for all the information on the further process.

Write For Us – Guidelines

There are certain guidelines and style guides that you need to follow write for us. Make sure that your post adheres to the below-mentioned instructions.

  • Write your post in a formal and professional style. Add real insights in your articles so that our readers can benefit from the practical approach and level up their game. Always provide authentic information in your blogs, posts, and articles.
  • Always strive for higher clarity in your posts. Strive to create a balance between wit and clarity, as there are extra points for achieving it.
  • Make sure that you double-check your content in the post after writing. Always remember to proofread so that you can remove grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and other issues before submitting your post to our platform. Ensure that the sentence formation is correct and all the grammar rules are followed.
  • Follow all the general formatting guidelines in your post. Use headings and subheadings, lists, and quotes according to your content to make it even more engaging.
  • If you wish to add images to your post, then you have to use copyright-free ones. Add relevant images to your content that supports the content or the point you are explaining.
  • Your content should be plagiarism-free. In simple words, you should not copy the content from the internet or any other sources. It should be original and unique. We will check your content with our premium plagiarism checker to avoid any duplicate content that can lead to post-rejection.
  • Check your anchor links in the article. They should not be broken or irrelevant. Focus on the information in the article and make it a valuable resource for the readers.
  • Use a relevant, concise, and interesting title for your article or post.
  • By offering an SEO-proofed article, you will gain more points. However, if you are not familiar with the term, our editorial team will help you out with everything.

What is your target Audience?

Our community consists of professionals in the advertising, social media, web design, digital marketing, SEO and creative web development sectors. So, curate posts and articles that should appeal to them.

Who should submit an article/post to Web Designer Hub?

Anyone who resonates with our idea, has certain skills in the appropriate sectors of our platform, or has the zeal to share relevant information with others.

What will readers get from your article?

We have a wide community that looks for useful and insightful content on our platform. They need to use the information, tips, and resource in the real world to get real value. So, make sure that you educate or inspire our reading community through posts. Moreover, make sure to explain the ideal way to use your information in real projects. Give tips to make the process of using the resources easy.

All set to write for us?

We will be happy to have you on our team.

You can contact us through email ([email protected]) and send your post, article, or blog. Once we receive your sample article, our team will conduct a comprehensive review. If your post meets all the guidelines and passes our reviewing criteria, then we will contact you with the further process. The sample article will become the first post from your side on our platform.