How To Get Clients as a Freelancer 2024: Detailed Guide

How To Get Clients as a Freelancer? This is an important question in the freelancing field. While you work as an impartial professional, you freelance for clients as opposed to being a full-time worker for just one agency. Freelancers paint on an agreement basis and spend a part of their time pitching their offerings and searching out new clients. A few clients may come to be long-term relationships, while others simply need one-off initiatives, depending on the offerings you provide.

Get Clients as a Freelancer

People choose to freelance for extra control over their agenda and the projects they work on. Many freelancers make money working from home and experience putting their painting hours and selecting wherein they want to work, whether it’s a home workplace sooner or later and a coffee save the following. As an independent expert, you may do exactly the sort of paintings you want first-rate and end up an expert in your area of interest. As you build your reputation and gain experience, you will be able to charge more for new customers.

While you’re new to freelancing, the first hurdle is getting clients. Touchdown your first client is a big milestone and allows you to set up credibility and begin to build your portfolio. The aim is to construct a dating with each client, so a one-off mission will become repeat work, and clients are so happy they propose you to their colleagues.

Best ways to get clients as a freelancer 

Start from You

Start from You For freelance carrer

Sitting around looking forward to customers is one of the important errors that freelancers make. The great manner To Get Clients as a Freelancer is to take stock of the humans you realize. You possibly don’t recognize it, but you already have a collection of ability clients. Own family, buddies, old classmates, former commercial enterprise friends, these are everyone who may want to need your freelance offerings or can introduce you to others who do.

Own family and buddies

Get the phrase out! Inform your circle of relatives and pals that you’re embarking on a contract career. Ask them if they need any writing, designing, web development, or something your specialty is. Ask them to tell their buddies and commercial enterprise connections you are available.

Unless you tell them you’re looking for freelance work, how could you’ve regarded that the production plant your cousin manages hires freelance packaging designers, or that your neighbor’s funding guide desires to assist in growing their new website? Great of all, your buddies and own family can vouch for your willpower and trustworthiness. Earlier than you realize it, the range of those who know you’re freelancing has grown exponentially.

Former colleagues and executives

Allow former co-employees to recognize you’re searching out freelance paintings and ask them to skip your name. And don’t neglect to reach out to your antique boss—in particular, if you had an excellent court with them. Ask if they recognize any opportunities, or if they have recommendations for finding customers for your discipline. They could even rent you on the spot for a mission when they know you are freelancing. After all–you’re acquainted with their enterprise, which cuts down on briefing time, and they already realize how fantastic you are.

This is also a terrific reminder to by no means burn your bridges. A recommendation from a former boss can get your name in front of choice-makers and cause extremely good freelance work.

Don’t overlook the other humans in your lifestyles

Your hairdresser runs their very own commercial enterprise, so why now not ask if they want a person to lay their appointment playing cards? While your plumber is putting in your backwater valve, point out what you do for a residing. He simply might need help editing the blogs on his internet site. You by no means understand in which your freelance clients can pop up.

You’re hiring these human beings for their knowledge, so tell them approximately yours. Simply reflect on consideration of all the people you are available in contact with, like dentists, accountants, and vehicle mechanics. You’ll by no means know if they want your services unless you ask. Or even if they don’t need to get freelance paintings carried out properly now, they will know someone who does.

Ask for pointers

As soon as you have got executed paintings for each person, ask them to suggest you to their contacts. Word-of-mouth recommendations are gold! Potential freelance customers cost first-hand money owed by humans they recognize and accept as true with.

Find your niche

Find your niche For freelance clients

How do you locate customers as a freelancer?

Locate your area of interest! Clients look for impartial talent with proven overall performance in specialties that fill their present-day skills gaps. Think about what you experience doing maximum after which studies to peer if it is an in-call for talent.

Shall we say you have experience working in advertising or photo design?

Each is a huge industry. Constructing popularity as an expert marketer or picture designer is tougher than in case you are centered on a particular area of interest and perfected your abilities. In preference to advertising and marketing, don’t forget to specialize in social media content or SEO or as an image fashion designer focusing on emblems or company presentations.

  • When beginning as a freelancer and seeking out customers, consider who could want your offerings.
  • Why could a purchaser rent a person along with your talent set?
  • What are they looking for?

Understanding who your clients are and what their goals are allows you to locate clients as a freelancer.

Have a portfolio ready to go

Make the effort now to create a stunning portfolio of your work so it will be prepared the instant you hear approximately a terrific lead or want to apply for a contract task. Make certain it may be accessed easily by customers both through an internet link to your internet site or via emailing a PDF. You can even have a delivery of pre-revealed applications prepared to send out with the aid of a courier or mail.

Have a portfolio

Constantly update your portfolio along with your exceptional paintings To Get Clients as a Freelancer and make sure it may be effortlessly tailored to satisfy the needs of every client.

What consists of your portfolio

Be clear approximately what you do: rather than using a widespread time like “Freelance author”, be greater specific if you could by using titles like “Speechwriter” or “advertising and marketing Copywriter.” Make it easy to revise your portfolio to shape the necessities of the specific freelancing activity.

Consist of your exceptional paintings: This is your threat to polish! Exhibit samples that apply to the task you’re making use of, but additionally spotlight your fine paintings. In short, describe how you received the hit consequences. In case you are just starting and don’t have a whole lot of work to reveal, create a few incredible works on your very own to show off what you could do and get freelance clients.

Upload testimonials from happy freelance customers: Ask your clients for a one-or-two-sentence overview of your work. Gently manual them to deliver what you want to highlight, i.E. Ask them to comment on your capability to fulfill closing dates and live within budget.

Attach your cutting-edge resume: A few groups want a resume on file after they hire freelancers, but whether they do or not, an up-to-date resume gives customers a quick image of your qualifications and heritage. Plus, any full-time positions you’ve had in the past improve your revel in and expertise within the eyes of prospective customers.

Hold a set of case research: from time to time a consumer desires to understand more than simply what you did—they need to recognize how you did it. Get into the habit of writing up a briefcase examination after you finish an activity. In that manner, you’ll continually have suitable examples to drop into your portfolio. Make it short, however, include the venture, the offerings you furnished, the process you went through, and the successful outcomes.

Preserve your touch information up to date: The whole idea is to get potential clients to contact you for work, so make it as smooth as viable for them to locate you!

Work on your professional pitch

While you meet a brand new customer or find a task you are interested in operating on, offer your skills and services with a pitch. A strong professional pitch is important to getting customers as a freelancer. Customers on Upwork publish jobs, and as a freelancer, you could post an offer together with your rate and a pitch.

Assignment pitch and proposal

Assignment pitch and proposal

Whilst sending a pitch or proposal, you want to explain why you’re the first-class individual for the task and add any relevant examples. A winning notion begins by displaying that you recognize the client’s needs and illustrating why they must choose you over different candidates. Then spotlight your latest experience and talents so one can make you successful–including certifications, past initiatives, stages, and whatever else demonstrates your understanding. Connect samples of your paintings that are more relevant to the job. End the inspiration by asking if they can set up a time to talk with you about the mission.

Elevator pitch

Every other essential object you need to have prepared is the elevator pitch. Give an explanation for who you are, what you enjoy, and why a patron desires your abilities in about 30 seconds (seventy-five to a hundred words). The elevator pitch is best for when an ability purchaser says, “So, tell me approximately yourself” during an interview. The reason is to allow them to know a piece about you and show that you’re certified for the assignment.


Networking is all about building relationships that could lead to work. But when it is time to get freelance customers, where do you start?

Network Build Up

Social gatherings

As a freelancer, you ought to usually have your freelance hat prepared wherever you are. You in no way know when you might stumble upon a capable customer. It’s a sensitive artwork but, to convey the fact that you are a freelancer without coming off as too pushy. However, if you are at a celebration and the verbal exchange turns to paintings, it’d be natural to mention you’re a freelancer and are always on the lookout for new clients.

Every so often simply citing what you do will position the concept in someone’s head and they may think of you the subsequent time they need your services. In particular, make certain the state of affairs is suitable. A funeral is not the vicinity to be handing out business playing cards.

Unique networking events

It’s always okay to speak about what you do for a residing at unique networking activities. Discover if there’s a business enterprise for your enterprise that hosts in-man or woman events where customers and freelancers get together. Face-to-face conferences are constantly more memorable than assembling a purchaser online.

It’s also an excellent concept to check out your neighborhood enterprise affiliation. There are probably individuals who need a freelancer to create marketing materials for their commercial enterprise or broaden a website for them. Discover if there are any events you could attend, or even remember becoming a member of. Being self-hired may be a bit lonely, so becoming a member of a business association or enterprise institution might be desirable in your social existence!

Be part of a cooperating area

Due to the fact renting a workplace may be so steeply priced, a few small enterprise proprietors and freelancers discover a group of human beings to share workplace space with. Except for saving money on rent, and sharing devices like printers, you’ve got a built-in networking scenario. You could refer clients to each other and assist each different make bigger your network of contacts bigger.

Connect to different freelancers in your field

You don’t have to think of other freelancers as the competition. Offer to take at the more paintings of a hectic freelancer colleague. And whilst you are overloaded and can’t take on more work yourself, you may still stay treasured by your consumer by using Saving the Day and recommending any other super freelancer. It’s additionally an amazing idea to form alliances with freelancers in a related discipline. Forming a reference to an internet developer who can suggest to you whilst a customer wishes someone to layout internet pages should carry in some exquisite gigs, and vice versa.

You may even hyperlink up with other freelancers to offer a greater complete method to a customer, along with a creator-designer group that can tackle each of the content and appearance of an annual document.

Networking with different freelancers is also an exceptional way to learn the hints of the exchange. The majority are quite willing to percentage exceptional practices and provide solutions based on their experience. Live in contact with classmates and previous co-people who are within the same enterprise as you. Ask for advice and learn as an awful lot as you may from others. Know-how is energy!

Polish your portfolio

Polish your portfolio

How do you display potential clients and new connections what do you do nicely? Via your portfolio. Create a home for your excellent paintings so others can see samples of your capabilities and examine extra about your experience. Make sure your profile is updated along with your latest tasks, certifications, tiers, and any new skills.

Your Upwork profile has an area in your freelancer portfolio and purchaser critiques. While you put up task proposals to customers, if they like your proposals, the subsequent step is to check your profile and spot your portfolio. Choose your excellent tasks and make sure they may be the front and middle so that you’re displaying off your exceptional paintings. Add applicable competencies to your profile and hold your profile modern so the proper Upwork clients can discover you.

Some fields and industries, like image design or writing, are clean to create portfolios for because your output is tremendously visible. However, having an internet site for your services that explains the past projects you’ve worked on and your specific role and contributions in any talent location lets you get customers.

Set yourself up as an expert

You need to get noticed. You furthermore might need human beings to realize your amazing freelancing skills and understanding, particularly in case you work in a gap vicinity. So try to set yourself up as a professional in your area.

Set yourself up as an expert

Talk at events

Talking at commercial enterprise meetings is a remarkable manner to show off your knowledge, in addition to winning an opportunity to community with a new institution of potential customers. You have got special abilities that a commercial enterprise target market might be interested in, whether it’s constructing an e-commerce website, or modifying technical facts.

Be a mentor

When you have been running on your discipline for some time, volunteer to mentor up-and-coming graphic designers, editors, or anything in your area of information. Schools and network facilities regularly have mentorship packages. In case you honestly experience teaching others, you can even take into account becoming a teacher. It’s going to help beautify your recognition, as well as make you feel right approximately sharing your know-how.

Begin a blog

You have first-hand knowledge of the developments, hot subjects, and thrilling traits in your field of labor, so why not proportion your perception with others? If you write an informative and interesting blog, you can set yourself apart as a pacesetter in your subject. Make sure you write approximately topics you observed ability clients would find beneficial, and give an explanation for how you may assist them as a freelancer.

Dive in similarly

Is there an exchange mag or other industry e-book or internet site that you can contribute to? In case you aren’t a writer, lease a contract editor that will help you out. There also are offerings like MailChimp that let you create a normal e-newsletter to send out to existing and capable clients.

Don’t forestall there

You may develop an internet direction in your region of understanding, self-post an informative e-book or begin a podcast. It’s constantly suitable to have an undertaking on the go to work on in your downtime.

Use social media to your gain

Social media is an effective device that you may use to get customers as a freelancer. You may set up your function as an idea leader with the aid of posting often helpful and informative content. Now and then the easiest and quickest manner to contact a potential client is through a DM (direct message) on Instagram, FB, or LinkedIn. Organizations regularly have inboxes flooded with emails, however, their social media messages normally have less muddle, and you could get a quicker response.

social media to gain exposure

Promoting your freelance services on social media offers customers every other way to find you. A few social media platforms, like LinkedIn, are designed for professional networking. On Instagram or Facebook, you can select to use your profile or create a separate one for your freelance offerings.


LinkedIn is a great professional platform for locating and attracting new clients. Make certain you click the “open to paintings” field to your LinkedIn profile and add #opentowork and #freelance[your niche] in your headline. Publish the modern tasks that you can proportion to your feed, and ensure your profile is up to date and has links for your portfolio.


You may use Instagram as a mini portfolio in case you work in a visual field like photo layout or content advertising. Show off your great work and use applicable hashtags to attract customers. You may direct potential customers to your Instagram web page if they need to look for more work samples.


FB is terrific for posting hyperlinks to articles, websites, and longer pieces of content material. You may observe companies and individuals and create a commercial enterprise web page for your freelance offerings. Post tasks and feature your pals and circle of relatives to share them; you never recognize who may see them! A few freelancers run advertisements on FB (and Instagram) to promote their services. Inspire clients to leave fantastic FB reviews for your enterprise web page.

Take a freelance website out for a spin

They do cost money, however, freelance websites shouldn’t be left out for locating work. Some companies use the most effective structures for finding the freelance expertise they want.

freelance website

But before you take the plunge and sign up, make certain you completely apprehend the charge shape, as this will vary from internet site to website. Additionally, find out if there may be an exclusivity coverage, which means you can best paint for their clients through their platform, even supposing the customer desires to work with you when you leave the internet site.

If you are an image designer or creator, there are precise websites that deal with freelance jobs for your enterprise, however, all of the huge freelance websites offer initiatives in many regions. Here are four popular websites to test out:


This freelance website is probably the most well-known. It says it posts 8,000 new jobs every day and is the most important community of freelancers in the world. It additionally prides itself on finding an amazing shape for freelancers and employers in a way similar to its sophisticated algorithms.

It’s unfastened to join Upwork, however, you’ll pay a sliding provider rate of 20% to 5% of your billings, depending on the amount of labor you do for the purchaser. It’s crucial to observe that the ones expenses are in effect for as long as you figure on freelance jobs with that patron.


That is distinct from different freelance websites. Rather than list your services for customers to look at, it critiques websites, freelance activity forums, and work commercials to locate exceptional freelance positions, after which sends you daily updates and weekly emails listing the opportunities especially applicable to your freelancing abilities.

It no longer takes the time-eating toil of searching through job listings off your hands, it also has a pretty low fee of $19 a month. In case you locate at least $500 a month in paintings from SolidGigs, that’s less than four% of your income. You can additionally strive your first month for $2.


As its call indicates, this website caters to other styles of “bendy” jobs except for freelance assignments, inclusive of remote complete-time and part-time positions and jobs with flexible schedules. Its declaration to fame is the truth that it researches each process posting to ensure proper customers and correct process requirements.

Besides partnering with an expansion of corporations, FlexJobs has a team of researchers that digs through business enterprise websites, industry blogs, and freelance task forums to find good freelance paintings. You’ll pay a membership fee of $14.95 a month, but there are discounted fees if you join up for 3 months or a year, in addition to an ordeal week for $6.Ninety-five.


Freelancer has high-profile clients and more than 1,800 freelance categories, but it also has a complicated price gadget. Although it’s loose to join up and create a profile, you can handiest bid on six projects in keeping with the month. If you want to bid on greater you need to pay a fee or sign on for a month-to-month membership, which can range from $1.10 to $89.Ninety-five.

There’s also a ten% introduction rate for initiatives, a ten% contest fee if you win a bid, and a 20% charge if you are hired for extra paintings by way of the same client. There may be a desired Freelancer program, however, which gives you get right of entry to to more high-paying initiatives with a fee of 15%.

Hold competitive


Stay competitive as a freelancer with the aid of upskilling and including each new talent and certification on your profile and portfolio To Get Clients as a Freelancer.

Follow up with customers approximately tasks if you have not heard back in an affordable time. (The squeaky wheel receives the grease)

Ask customers for a review and feedback after an assignment ends.

Do your first-class paintings on every occasion to get repeat customers.

Keep in mind your workload and keep away from taking on extra initiatives than you could manage.

Show your persona and get to recognize your clients; constructing relationships is key.

Have an idea of how a good deal you want to charge for each kind of project.

Test Upwork or other activity boards frequently and speedy post your proposals.

Respond to clients as soon as feasible; correct communique is superbly vital.

Start a blog to expose your expertise in the enterprise and improve your SEO.

Be an affected person but additionally chronic; dedicate time on your workday to spend making use of jobs and speaking with customers

Don’t be afraid to bloodless name (email or DM) dream customers and pitch your freelance offerings.

Locate the first-class freelancer tools for productiveness and employer.

Keep learning and improving your pitch

One of the satisfactory methods to get freelance clients is to keep getting better at what you do. Seek out feedback from customers, colleagues, and experts. Take publications. Study approximately your discipline, as well as the way to market your capabilities. Learn all you can, after which study a few more.

learn and improve offer pitch

Do your studies

If there’s an employer you recognize and would like to freelance for, find out who to contact for the kind of work you do, and reach out. Cold calling is usually tough, however, you in no way understand what you could obtain except your attempt. Ship out an e-mail explaining why you want to work with them, and what you can do for them. Allow them to know you recognize their commercial enterprise and feature a few extraordinary thoughts for making it even better. They’ll see you’ve carried out your homework and feature in reality notions about how your unique information can assist them.

Tips to refine your e-mail pitch

  • Preserve it short.
  • Inform them who you are what you do, and how you could assist with answers for their commercial enterprise.
  • Encompass a link to your portfolio, which of course you’ve got tailor-made especially for the consumer.
  • Upload a testimonial from a similar sort of customer, if you have one.
  • Prompt and observe-up assembly by way of ending with a pleasant assertion like, “Let’s schedule a call within the next few weeks to discuss how I can assist your organization in meeting its desires.”
  • In case you don’t hear back in some weeks, ship a quick email to test in to see if they acquired your email and might be to be had for a name.
  • Don’t give up, however don’t be a stalker either. Think about legitimate excuses for emailing them, like, “I just desired to let you realize I could be on an excursion from Monday to Friday the subsequent week, but I’m available any time the week after if you’d like to examine more about my freelance offerings and what I will do for you.”