– A Review of its Features and Benefits is a reliable text summarizer that operates on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to accurately concise lengthy text pieces. For educators, bloggers, marketers, students, etc. it has proven to be an excellent option.

We decided to write a thorough review of this useful tool, covering its features, advantages, and more, in light of its growing popularity, particularly for users who may not be familiar with it.

Working Approach of

Before directly heading toward the features, let’s first understand how exactly turns lengthy content pieces into concise ones.

It operates on an advanced Large Language Model (LLM) and Deep Learning that first efficiently identifies the main points in the given content and then uses them to craft a concise summary.
To demonstrate this, an image is attached below.


As you can see, the tool has generated a concise version without changing the original meaning. You can do the same as well.

Most Notable Features of

There are numerous notable features of, some of which are discussed below in detail.

Multiple Summarizing Modes:

The tool comes with two summarizing modes, especially for users with different requirements. One mode named “Summarize” is available for free, whereas the second mode “AI Summarize” is only for paid users.

And the best thing is that both these modes follow a different approach to summarizing. This means that if you provide them with the same content, you will most likely get different output results from both modes.

Adjustable Summary Length:

When summarizing content, there is a strong chance that most people will have varied length requirements. Due to this reason, offers a “Length Adjuster” that you can use to generate summaries according to your specified length.

The length adjuster goes from “Short” to “Long.” The shorter length you will select, the more concise output you will receive. In order to demonstrate this, an image is also attached below, check it out.

Performs Abstractive Summarization

Another excellent feature of this AI-powered summarizer is that it performs “Abstractive Summarization.” This means it will generate a summarized version by using new and more appropriate words and phrases that the original text does not contain.

In simple words, this tool will provide you not only a concise but also an improved version (in terms of quality) of the source text by using more appropriate words during summarizing.

Comprehensive Output Results

For maximum user ease, the tool provides comprehensive output results. For instance, it gives the option to interact with the results either in the form of a whole paragraph or just bullet points. Besides this, it also allows users to copy or download the summarized content for later use.

Multiple Language Support:

The tool can summarize content in 8 different languages including English, Spanish, Indonesian, and many more. This feature makes it a highly versatile option for users from different parts of the world.

Other features:

  • Word limit: People can summarize up to 3,000 words at once in the free version. To increase the word submission, limit up to 5,000, you have to purchase its paid plan starting from $4.
  • Accessibility: It can be accessible from anywhere in the world with any device. Additionally, it is available in both free and paid versions.
  • Input Options: Finally, when it comes to providing input text, the text summarizer offers multiple options like direct copy/paste in the box or uploading the file from local storage.

Benefits of Using

There are a number of benefits of using this AI summarizer, and some of them are discussed.

Quick Retrieval of Main Points:

By utilizing this AI-powered summarizing tool, you can quickly extract key points or arguments from lengthy content, saving valuable time and effort on manually doing so. This can be highly beneficial for students, researchers, or professional writers. As they often have to skim through other’s content to get familiar with the core ideas or main points.

Creation of Abstracts & Descriptions:

Almost everyone knows that both Abstracts of research papers and descriptions (whether it is a product or meta description) require to be written concisely. So, while writing them, the person needs to cover all the essential information briefly, while avoiding the use of unnecessary words, phrases, etc.

This may not be easy for everyone. Here this AI summarizing tool can be a handy option. It will craft sweet & concise abstracts or descriptions by automatically eliminating all the unnecessary words and details from the given text.

Saving Time & Effort

In the end, crafting concise summaries of lengthy content manually will definitely require a significant amount of time and effort. Fortunately, that’s not the case with this AI summarizer. It can quickly condense lengthy text in a matter of seconds without compromising on quality and meaning, all thanks to the advanced algorithms.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to summarizing text online, is the go-to choice for many people. All because of its features like operation on Artificial Intelligence, adjustable summary length, an option to condense 3,000 words at once for free, etc. In this article, we have reviewed this handy tool in detail by discussing its working, features, and benefits.