Streaming Apps That Offer Best User Experience

While the streaming revolution has given users an overwhelming variety of TV shows and movies to choose from, it has also offered easy access to that content across multiple platforms. The entire user interface, including the tabs, rewind and fast-forward buttons, and numerous other features that viewers require to cue up their shows, has been customized by each streaming service.

People may connect with the content they wish to watch using streaming applications, but with so many possibilities, choosing the best one can be challenging. The most important characteristics that distinguish certain streaming apps from others are content, user experience, personalization, and user-friendly interfaces.

You don’t need to search much farther for new streaming applications. In terms of both usability and UI design, these ten apps rank highly in their respective categories.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s response to the issue of video streaming is Amazon Prime Video. It provides HBO and other well-known networks’ content without requiring users to purchase a separate subscription. Additionally, a lot of content is exclusive to Amazon and cannot be viewed elsewhere.

The minimal amount of text in the Amazon Prime Video app contributes to its clear, uncomplicated design, as well as its ease of usage. There is no superfluous text to divert the eye or a drop-down menu to clog the screen. The primary distinction between the app and the standard Amazon app is that the former has a white background while the latter has a black one.

Users have the ability to browse, search through their library, download titles, and add titles to a watch list. With the title highlights at the top and more titles arranged in rows below, the layout is extremely well-thought-out. To locate the categories they wish to peruse, users can swipe across the menu.

Disney +

Disney+’s initial release was not very impressive, but it gradually updated features and fixed bugs while releasing a minimal viable product. When the app first came out, it was difficult to use the user interface (UI) because, despite Disney being a multimillion-dollar company, simple buttons like restart would not appear, and the app would frequently freeze, leaving a lot to be desired.

Disney+ has now developed into a superbly designed user interface. Letting viewers peruse originals, series, and networks of content. Optimizing the content in their own library and making content recommendations based on view counts.

Disney Plus, which debuted recently, is essentially a Netflix knockoff. The manner in which the interactive header image displays content. It is difficult to have a poor user experience when you imitate a market leader. Therefore, Disney + is good by default.


Without a doubt, one of the most widely used video streaming apps out there right now is Netflix. The wonderful thing about Netflix is that it works with TVs, PCs, smartphones, and tablets. All you need is the app and a subscription to access hundreds of movies and TV series.

In addition to the diversity of content, Netflix’s appearance and layout draw the eye right away. It’s clear, profound, and really captivating. The somber, dark background is ideal for highlighting the title offerings. Various categories are displayed in a neat and uncluttered menu bar on the left side of the screen. But the focus is on the images on the main screen.

Video titles provide a brief overview of the content that is available and are categorized appropriately, along with an attention-grabbing picture. Personalized recommendations and previously viewed TV series and films are displayed at the top. The overall layout of the Netflix app is clear and uncomplicated. This app is very engaging and addictive because of its highly intuitive user interface, which is consistent across all devices.


By subscribing to HBO Max, users can watch video content on their phones, tablets, computers, and TVs. The app is intuitive and user-friendly, with many movie and TV show titles.

The app opens up with a dark theme showing featured titles. It displays the titles in beautiful   blocks and easy to find categories. For mobile device users, they can search its database directly or click on the small menu bar in the upper left corner.

Movies are displayed clearly with an image and title. It’s a simple and efficient system that makes finding old classics or new favorites a breeze. The main downside of this service is its availability and limited content compared to other streaming services.


Max is a top-notch app that offers a wide variety of popular TV shows and movies, including HBO’s extensive library and DC Universe titles. Fans can also enjoy classics like Friends, the Lord of the Rings films, and almost every Studio Ghibli movie. Additionally, Max is the go-to destination for new Warner Bros. feature films.

While it may not be Disney Plus, Max has a fantastic selection of kids’ content, with better control over ratings on children’s profiles compared to other services. The platform is also increasing its lineup of original content and has added Discovery Plus unscripted shows to its streaming options.

With an impressive 8.0 rating, Max competes with Prime Video, consistently releasing new content, offering a vast back catalog, and providing user-friendly features. Users can even access a live sports tier, B/R sports, with the current package, but an optional add-on will be available for an extra $10 per month later this year.


Hulu is a significant video streaming application and the main competitor of Netflix. It allows users to stream movies and TV shows, similar to Netflix, but also offers popular cable shows and exclusive videos not available on Netflix. Users can enjoy exclusive premieres as Hulu updates episodes weekly to keep viewers up to date with their favorite shows. Additionally, Hulu provides a live television stream, a feature that sets it apart from Netflix.

The app offers excellent personalization options, with users filling in content preferences upon onboarding to create a custom user experience. Hulu also provides suggestions for titles based on users’ preferences, making it easier to find content to watch.

Hulu’s sleek and moody color gradient background, as well as its clean, modern, and fresh overall layout, provide an enjoyable viewing experience. The app includes a bar at the top that shows users what they are currently watching and recommends titles by genre and category.

Overall, the Hulu app is a modern and customized platform that helps users discover and watch shows and movies they will love.


Kodi is an app that lets you stream content from a variety of platforms. It is best for users who want a variety of content including, movies, TV shows, sports events and kids content. Although Kodi does not have its own content, it lets users stream content via its addons.

Kodi addons are plugins that provide access to diverse content, including entertainment, social media feeds, and weather updates. Unlike other platforms that limit users to movies and TV shows, Kodi addons offer a wide variety of content options.

Kodi addons like The Crew, Asgard and Shadow, enables their users access a plethora of content from distinct categories and genres. For example, Asgard and The Crew lets you access a wide range of content including TV shows and movies from popular genres, and offers free streaming of content without any buffering issues. Once you get addons on Kodi, the possibilities are virtually limitless, catering to every entertainment need. All you need is to know about the addons that offer the content you want to stream.

Kodi lets you record and store live TV shows and sports events, ensuring you never miss your favorites. There are Kodi builds that are like addons, but specially designed to enhance the user interface and experience on the Kodi app.  Kodi builds enhance the user interface and experience with features like eye-catching screensavers and weather apps, enriching your overall streaming experience.


YouTube offers a fantastic selection of completely free movies that have been curated by the company itself. Instead of searching through various profiles, you can easily find full-length, legal films on their Movies & TV page.

The genres include action, horror, science fiction, drama, comedy, and more, and there is also an Independent section available. You can stream these free movies on iOS and Android mobile devices, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and other top smartphones and devices.


Plex is a distinct app. In addition to providing free movie and TV streaming, like these other apps, it allows you to access your own media files from anywhere by connecting to your computer. There is a category for audio titles with only descriptions, in addition to all the other common genres. Plex additionally classifies films into distinct categories such as Women Making History and Based on a True Story.

Additionally, I enjoy that the Leaving Soon section allows me to watch movies before they become more expensive elsewhere. Along with these features, you can watch movies with friends virtually, see movies that are similar to the one you’re interested in, receive notifications when items on your watchlist become available for streaming, and browse upcoming releases.

Because there is so much to do in this app, it feels a little cluttered. But you’ll quickly become accustomed to it after just a few minutes. If that’s all you’re interested in, finding the free movies is simple.


Redbox offers free on-demand movies that you can view via their mobile app. You can find all the movies you can stream online with advertisements by simply selecting WATCH FREE from the menu. The way the titles are arranged is one of the reasons I believe this is one of the better free movie apps.

It’s simple to see which movies have recently been added to the collection, which ones are soon to leave the free section, and which ones are the most well-liked free films. By genre, they are arranged as well. iPad, iPhone, and Android devices can use the app. These free films are also available for streaming on Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV.

Summing Up

So, these are the streaming that offers you the best user experience. From retro classic movies, to latest blockbusters and live TV shows or events, you can find everything you wish to watch. So, start using these apps to enter into a world of entertainment and have some quality time with your friends or family.