Global Logo Design Trend and Tips For 2024

Logos are what defines a brand. Often, brands make it timeless. However, whether it’s an old brand or a new one, they want a fresh logo. So, if you are one of those brands, this blog is for you. Today, we will dive deep into the world of logo design trends for the year 2024, and help you pick the best style for your brand. Let’s begin!

Wordmark Logo Design

Wordmark logos are more and more coming up in trend and companies are using it instead of an image. Although old companies and brands have to redesign a new logo, it is fairly simple for new brands. However, that is not true for all. Some stick true to their roots. So, it is entirely on you, but it is certainly in style.

Sans Serif Logotypes

Another great logotype that many companies are taking up is sans serif, as you must have seen Google’s logo. It is more minimalist and freer of any extra details or pointy outings at the end. It looks great on all scales as well, whether you print it on a card or showcase it on a billboard.

Minimalist Flat Logo Marks

Another logo design trend popular in 2024 is the minimalist logotype. It is a flat design with fewer details and usually consists of just one color. The reason for this is also the same as the last one; it is usable in different sizes and still looks relevant and amazing. More and more companies are going minimalist and flat with their logos and you can too.

Minimalist Symbol Logos

The next trend is the minimalist symbol logos. It also encases fewer details and often many brands make this kind of logo with just a single shape in repetition once or twice. Sometimes companies use a simple specific object while still keeping things metaphorically to showcase the hidden meanings. For example, you must have seen the logos of Nike or Apple.

Cropped or Slit Logotypes

Cropped or slit logotypes are extremely popular in these years. It also looks futuristic and dynamic but that entirely depends on how you use it. You must have seen logos with missing shapes or other components in letters or shapes. For example, missing A bar in Samsung. More and more companies are using it, especially the new ones.

Negative Space Logos

Using negative spaces in logos makes it a little witty which is more engaging and hooks in people’s minds. Although negative space logo design trends have been in the market for a long time, in recent years, it has gained more hype. It leaves a lasting impression, and once people learn the true meaning behind it, they love the logo even more.

Creative Letterform Logos

In recent times, designers and companies have been going crazy over type design and letterform logos. Mostly it involves just the first letter of the brand name and it is on the rise. It provides a ton of creativity and don’t be fooled; a single letter can also be made creative in many ways. Many brands of today use it and many are using it for generations.

Vivid Gradients

A stylized multi-colored logo is another amazing trend that many companies have adopted, like Instagram. It is making a blast in the logo world. Often, companies use several colors in combination and it looks classy plus elegant. However, the important thing is to do it right, otherwise it will look odd.

Retro Inspired Logotypes

If you haven’t noticed yet, many of the current logo design trends are leaning more toward typography design. Another such is retro-inspired logotypes, which take inspiration from old retro-themed aspects. It may include big rounded letters or shapes.

Tips for Logo Design Trends 2024

If you are starting up a business or looking to change your logo design, here are some tips to understand before starting to design one.

Use Organic Elements: You can use elements such as leaves or flowers to showcase harmony and calm. Also, some colors can give the same vibe.

Consider Nostalgia: Nostalgia is another great feeling that drives attention. You can use neon colors or take up on early 90’s trends to evoke nostalgia among the audience.

Use AI Design Tools: AI design tools are on the rise and many individuals or small companies are using them to take inspiration and design their own logo.

Explore Bright and Bold Colors and Shapes: These types of colors give off a strong message and look good in any setting, brand goal, or niche. You can also include bold geometric shapes to go with it.

Do not Copy Trends: Sure, trends are good and popular but only for inspiration. It is better to stick to your original brand identity and redesign it on the latest trendy ideas.


Designing logos demands a mix of trends and styles. It is the secret recipe for creating a trendy logo that evokes emotions and engages the audience. Such types of logos will share your brand message, personality, and values.

So, what are you going to create with these logo design trends of 2024?