How to Make Money with Selling Mockups ?

In today’s world, designing mockups has become a cool thing since literally everyone is looking for incredible visual marketing resources. Mockups are helpful in creating professional-looking product presentation, design presentation and other purposes in no time. They help in effectively communicating your design ideas with your clients.

Thus, mockups have become a best friend for every budding marketers, web designers, graphic designers, and bloggers. So, selling mockups plays a vital role in meeting the growing need of your audience. In this comprehensive guide, you can find all the useful information on how to make money selling mockups.

Why Selling mockups is a Great Idea?

Mockup creation is quite simple and is generally a one-time investment. Anyone can make money selling mockups that fit their criteria. Since there are several types of mockups available in the market, you can choose as per your desired preference. Thus, you can pick a category that sells the most and start creating engaging mockups that capture the audience immediately. The best part is that it is a one-time investment. Once you have created mockups, you can easily sell them without any issues.

Types of Top-Selling Mockups

Now that you are clear that mockup selling is a pretty simple, long-term, and decent business idea, we have something in store just for you! We have shared some of the amazing mockup categories that can help you to make money selling mockups.

Product Mockup

Product mockup

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A product mockup is a blueprint of the final product that you are going to present to your client. It is one of the top-selling mockups, as you can present your product in front of your clients in a real-life scenario. The best thing about these mockups is that you can get the feedback of your clients, stakeholders, and other partners of the project. This allows you to incorporate the changes in those feedback in your final product without wasting a lot of time or resources. You get the freedom to change all the elements of the mockups and customize them according to your custom needs.

Logo mockups

logo mockup

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Well, if you are looking to create a unique logo for your brand to present its image in the market, then you should opt for a suitable logo mockup to reduce your time and elevate your productivity. With a logo mockup, you can create a masterpiece for your brand according to your own taste.

The mockup removes the need to create everything from scratch, which allows you to complete the design process in less time. You can drag and drop the elements to modify the logo without any unnecessary hassle. There are several logo mockups available in the market. You can explore them and pin down the one that fits your budget and caters to your brand’s needs.

Business Card Mockups

business card mockup

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When you want to expand the reach of your brand, business cards serve as an indispensable way that is pretty budget-friendly. A professional business card can expand your reach and even bring a lot of online traffic to your brand. You can mention your social media presence over the card, which positions your brand in the hands of potential customers. You can design professional and elegant cards by using business card mockups. Also, you can modify all the elements of the card according to your needs and get a print-ready card in a matter of a few minutes.

Scene Mockups

scene mockup

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Scene mockups allow you to create a suitable scene for your product’s branding. No matter the domain of your product, these mockups will allow marketing your product to expand its reach and attract potential customers. You can add context, images, and graphics and change other elements accordingly.

In case you want to make money selling mockups, this type will help you create loads. You can harness the power of its versatility to fit in different markets and product types and gain huge profits by selling them.

How to get started selling mockups?

Looking for the best ways to get the best value for your mockups? Well, you can opt for any of the given ways to get started on your voyage of making money selling mockups.

Digital Assets Marketplace

This is a terrific option used by millions of people worldwide to get the maximum audience for your supreme mockups in one place. It also allows you to offer competitive prices without any hassle. Thus, you just need to create an elegant profile on any of the platforms so that you can easily sell your mockups.

Some of the popular platforms are discussed below to get more details.

Creative Market

Creative Market

This is a famous platform that offers the best mockups, website templates, and other useful marketing materials to everyone. Its top-notch quality and supreme designs make it a perfect fit for all looking to sell their eye-catchy mockups to the world. This is a brilliant platform that also sells different types of fonts, illustrations, icons, graphics, web themes, as well as stock photography.

Graphic River

Graphic River

Want an ultimate platform to sell your mockups at a good price? Well, you will find Graphic River to be a great platform with superb mockups under one roof. With a famous audience base, this platform has gained huge recognition online. You will find some truly inspiring designs that will make you go aww and want to buy them instantly. Just go to this platform and choose your favorite design today!



This global marketplace is a perfect destination for anyone looking to buy and sell unique mockup designs. This is the best community that helps in providing financial independence to anyone who wishes to share their skill with the world. When you start using it, you will definitely love this platform as people tend to get a good response from buyers here.

Where to sell mockups?

You can sell mockups by using different tactics and platforms as below :

Create Your Own Shop

This is a complex way, but it will reap good returns once it gets good traction. This is a great way to get the best power to both design mockups and sell them in your brand shop. You may have to spend extra bucks in setting up a fully-functional online shop, but it will bear you more fruits than you can think of. There are many mockup sellers with their own independent stores that have gained a good reputation online. Mind you, you can join this big league with your terrific brand awareness as well.

This is an outstanding idea for all looking to build a steady business selling digital assets. Once your mockups sale gains attention, you can move to sell templates for different marketing resources as well.

Social Media Marketing

There are many social media influencers who share free mockups to keep engaging their audience and, later, sell top-notch mockups at reasonable rates. You can do the same and earn a hefty sum of money in no time. The free mockups deal helps in attracting a new audience. Once your followers and reach have reached a good number, you can go for selling your excellent mockups at a great rate.

You can start your page anywhere, be it Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform. Start being active on your page and share relatable content that helps you grab the attention of more and more people. After that, you can start with paid or free advertising of your mockups to get swift orders for your mockups.

Email Marketing

If you have an existing website with an audience, you can start selling via the email marketing route. You can share the details as well as offers/discounts on first orders and bulk orders. Not just this, but you can create some free mockups to lure in more offers and then, later, sell your awesome nail-biting mockup bundles that they won’t find anywhere else.

So, all you need to do is just design profitable email marketing campaigns and sell the perfect mockups to your ideal audience in no time.

How Much Can You Make Selling Mockups?

There is no such bar in making the best mockup designs and selling them online. The payment depends on many factors, such as the complexity of your mockup design, its size as well as your brand value. Rest you can check any payment guidelines by the platform you are posting on. Some platforms like Etsy can help you sell a simple mockup at a rate of $10. Just think of how much you can make if you create detailed mockups!

Some Last Words

There is a plethora of ways to make money, and selling mockups is one of the best ways to earn a smooth passive income. So, what are you still waiting for? Quickly get your mockup designs ready for your specific niche and sell them online. We are sure you will start getting a decent amount deposited in your account every month. Although the money may vary in the beginning, you witness steady growth once your mockups get a decent audience.