Basics Of SEO And Keyword Research Websites

In the world, creativity is the most important element. As well as writing is powerful creativity and strong media that convey the message to the targeted readers at the right time. Nowadays, writing is showcased as a brand, and if the writer knows about SEO and related information, so he will consider a brand writer. So the demand and popularity of SEO increase day by day.

What is SEO?

  • SEO is the abbreviation of “Search Engine Optimization”.
  • If anyone glances at it that Search means query or discover anything and information.
  • This Search Engine refers to the operating system and the program that is offered to provide information that is entered for searches.
  • The most common and famous Search Engine is Google and Micro Soft which offers a search engine namely “BING”.
  • The last word is optimization, so define it according to, that to plan or carry out with maximum efficiency.
  • According to the educational definition, with the help of Search Engine Optimization, anyone can increase the number of visitors to his desired website. So if the visitors will grow the desired website thus the websites will get an amount at least per click of the visitors.

Important of SEO

 Nowadays importance of SEO increase day by day, and if any writer wishes to make his writing career in the web media or online media, he should know about SEO.

Because it gives a strategy and plans for attracting visitors to the desired website. Thus, SEO specialists employ tools to identify keywords related to visitors’ queries, ensuring the website achieves a higher position on Google Search and aligns closely with what potential customers are looking for.

What are the Keywords?

 According to the dictionary of Cambridge Dictionary ” a word that you type into a computer so that the computer will find information that contains words”.

Keywords are the words that are often used by the requestor on the web when anyone wants to know desired information about it. It can be a simple word like “gold” or the most relevant sentence such as “Where is gold found”.

How to Find Keywords?

 Anyone can find the Key words through the help of different companies, organizations, and websites that are access to the keywords according to the various niches and related information.

Keywords Research Websites For SEO

 These are the websites that access the keywords according to their policies and rules, and regulations.

  • WordStream
  • SEO Digital Group
  • Mondovo Digital Marketing Simplified
  • KeySearch
  • AhrefsBot



Anyone can get the desired niche-related keywords through WordStream. WordStream is a marketing company or advertising organization. It offers a free Keyword tool. This tool offers suitable or closest keywords that are entered for requests or queries.

For this purpose visit:

  • The page will open, and the visitor will glance at Free Keyword Tool.
  • Then type the desired word.
  • Now, select the relevant business or niche.
  • Select the location and press continue.
  • So the researcher does press the search clicks and wishes to search the technology keyword.
  • According to the list, the most query phrase is tech news which had searched 74,000 times.
  • If visitors wish to find the complete list, they should submit their email address.

SEO Digital Group


SEO Digital Group is social media advertising service company. This company offers marketing solutions so that website visitors can glance at the SEO Analyzer Service. If anyone enters the Web address of the page with the keywords so this analyzer reports optimization of the content or website.

For this purpose visit: –

Mondovo Digital Marketing Simplified


Mondovo digital marketing simplified is another website that offer’s a free keywords tool also. For this purpose, investors can access the directly it website :-

  • Then click on the right sight icon, such as Resources.
  • Thus glance at the list and click on Top Keywords.
  • So they can benefit from the keyword list and categories.
  • If anyone needs to be searching for a specific topic, he can search directly to enter these types of keywords such as “Educational Related Keywords”. So the different websites will open, and the researcher can find them easily. For this purpose click on it; –



Key Search is another website that claims to be a chance to get more suggested keywords. For this purpose, the requestor should make an account on its website. If anyone needs technology-related keywords so he can visit this platform.



Ahrefs is known as a website that offers a complete SEO solution for its visitors and professionals. This website offers free keyword tools and AWT (Ahrefs Webmaster Tools), but this tool’s capacity is bounded and limited. If anyone wishes to get its other facilities and sources, it would purchase the advanced tools according to the demand graph and needs.

If anyone wishes to get keywords from the website so they should visit at their free seo tools section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the other names of Keywords?

 SEO words, key phrases, search queries

How many ways finding of desired keywords?

 Anyone can find the desired keywords in Google Search Engine by typing the;

  • Most Asked Questions on Google
  • Most Searched words on Google

What is the initial package of Ahrefs ?

The initial package of Ahrefs started from approximately $99.


Search Engine Optimization has to be considered the key to success in the E-World or Web Media. So the trends, tools, strategies, and related information are updated daily basis. If any professional want to be successful in digital media, so he must not only know about Search Engine Optimization but also be able with the new trends with a focus on the target. The web industry needs payment for some tools and related applications because without it the success graph cannot be increased.